Retail Products

Bimbo Bakehouse is your partner for efficient in store bakery and deli solutions. We are pleased to provide a variety of par baked, thaw and sell, and retail ready product offerings. These offerings include Artisan, French/Italian and Specialty Breads and Rolls, and a variety of Pastry Goods, Bagels and Sandwich Solutions

Goldminer® California Sourdough

Goldminer® California Sourdough Bread is impossible to resist. Every loaf is slow-crafted the traditional way to ensure it has a perfectly golden crust, and soft yet hearty texture. Our mother sponge ferments the dough for 24 hours, so that our sourdough develops its signature tangy flavor, naturally. Choose from a variety of formats.

Grace Baking®

Grace Baking® breads, buns and rolls are the ultimate expression of artisanship. At Grace Baking, we put more than just the best ingredients into every product, we put time into them. Delight your customer’s taste buds with exquisite products they can take home to enjoy.

Wholesome Harvest®

Wholesome Harvest sliced breads appeal to the health focused customers looking for a delicious solution to their many bread needs. This portfolio of hearty breads contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and most importantly contain at least 8 grams per serving of whole grains! These flavorful breads are great for sandwiches or the simplest of toasts!

The Cheesecake Factory At Home®

The Cheesecake Factory® is the fantastical food experience that is absolutely certain to satisfy. Now you can enjoy The Cheesecake Factory's famous “brown bread” – at home!

Retail Categories and Capabilities

Beyond offering in-store bakery and home meal replacement solutions, we excel at providing custom solutions for retailers with specific needs. Our experienced associates are ready to put their in-depth category knowledge and insight to work and help satisfy your customers with our consistently delicious baked goods.

Artisan Breads

Give your customers flavor to savor, and delicate, crisp texture with our authentic, slow-crafted artisan breads. Our small batch baking process develops each loaf’s flavor naturally, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.


We’ve perfected the art of authentic New York-style bagels to deliver products with delicious flavor and “chew”. Each bagel is boiled to provide a chewy crust that gives way to a soft interior. 

French & Italian Breads

Our European-style crusty breads are a popular favorite for good reason. The thin crispy crust yields to a dense yet soft and moist interior that’s hard to resist. Available in a variety of flavors and formats, your customers will want to try them all. 

Pastry Goods

Our pastry goods are flaky, delicious, and customized to your bakery needs so your customers can enjoy best-in-class products every time. From golden and fluffy croissants, to melt in the mouth strudel bites and turnovers, we offer a wide variety  to cater to different eating occasions.

Sandwich Breads and Rolls

Discover a variety of breads, buns and rolls to suit your particular sandwich solution needs. Our sliced and unsliced breads, subs and hoagies, round buns and specialty artisan products complete your sandwiches deliciously.

Specialty Buns and Rolls

Give your customers a delicious twist on traditional buns and rolls with our specialty products which are available in an array of premium flavors and formats.